5.0.4 MoP Patch WoW Model Viewer

code.google.com helped me hope it helps someone else

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5 Responses to “5.0.4 MoP Patch WoW Model Viewer”

  1. XarniusGaming says:

    Mm, ok. The 32 bit worked on 64 bit anyway:) Just a bit laggy.

  2. MrStephen3420 says:

    no link? what is this!?

  3. WarriorPaxo says:

    nope .. probly wont see another update till mop release i think

  4. XarniusGaming says:

    Hasn’t the 64 bit come out yet?

  5. WarriorPaxo says:

    oh… guess i didnt think to do this for the stupid,,, FIXED!

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