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Been gone a while due to uni, this is a video about My opinions on 5.1, i feel like ele shamans got buried in the ground let me know what you think in the comments i reply to all comments that i get !:) Please like+subscribe if you enjoyed the video, would appreciate it if you could show your friends etc especially shamans! comment on it let me know if theres anything youd like to see i love reading the comments Thanks to Neutralize for letting me use his music; Neutralize – Where you should be ft Nori Neutralize – Lost Check him out! Closing in on 100k views now considering doing something special for that stay tuned 😉

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5 Responses to “5.1 Shaman Changes Mists of Pandaria – OctohoofTV”

  1. OctohoofTV says:

    Yeah that would actually be a really nice change, didnt think of that 😀 make a suggestion on forum :D

  2. pspcreew says:

    You said ele healing will be really bad compared to enha but i think ele has 50 % increased healing while clearcasting is active

  3. Stingxgames says:

    i did make one ill send it 2 u in a pm, u can copy it 2 eu is ya want

  4. OctohoofTV says:

    Yeah they do, but thats easily purgable and only lasts for 2 casts, enhance still have an extra 50% over us. We still need a major defensive CD to use while stunned at least ):

  5. 1bigmurff says:

    I’m done with ele til they change it, should I go spriest or mage for rbgs? And which one requires less macros since I’m horrible at them

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