5.1 Warrior Changes and Glyph Replacements

telling you about the changes to warrior you may or may not know about and some good replacements for gag order glyph in pvp

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5 Responses to “5.1 Warrior Changes and Glyph Replacements”

  1. Tim Price says:

    Damn my warrior :( i was dreading the nerfs, i decided to glyph colossus smash into my old gag order slot and see how that goes.

  2. WarriorPaxo says:

    uhh yeah def stance for shield wall or u only get 40% dmg reduction

  3. alex tegnazian says:

    uhh ur using defensive stance not battle..

  4. LHGH4x0r says:

    every good warrior uses def stance retard

  5. WarriorPaxo says:

    yeah its just that even with full 3 stacks its only 12% reduction in their def and i didnt even notice that myself on the dummy so i went with more slow

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