Affliction Warlock Basic DPS Guide 5.1

Let’s take a look at the classic dot spec, reworked and changed for MoP, and proving to be the top source of dps

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5 Responses to “Affliction Warlock Basic DPS Guide 5.1”

  1. Deaqongamez says:

    nice 😀

  2. RavenGamingEU says:

    if you mean what pet to use to sacrifice as affliction. It depends on the fight really. What i do is sacrifice a void walker if there are some high dmg fases for the 30% extra hp you get from it’s special ability. If you need interrupts you sacrifice the felhunter. Other pets aren’t really viable… imp maybe if you need to dispel magic from yourself but it’s minor since you have healers for that.

  3. Kirill Shakhnovskiy says:

    How could you possibly call Kil’jaeden’s Cunning crap?! True, the other two are pretty boring for lvl 90 talents, but as far as I’m concerned, Kil’jaeden’s Cunning is by far the best lock talent. And certainly the biggest game-changer.

  4. OutwardProductions says:

    You don’t use a demon as affliction

  5. RavenGamingEU says:

    Hai Preach! Nice guide, the stat prio is discussable. if your item lvl is around 470 you want to get as much haste as you said, if you are around 480-490 like iam atm you want to have a little more haste (about 4717 haste, 11.xx%). Ran alot of simulations and haste wins from mastery till you have 4717 haste when your item level is about 480-490. Only then, otherwise you’ll lose dps.

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