Battlefield 3 How to unlock and use crossbows and bolts

My first BF3 video! A small tutorial about how to unlock the normal crossbow, scoped crossbow, scan bolt, balanced bolt and explosive bolt. I’ll be making more BF3 videos in future so if theres anything youd like to see let me know :) Please leave a comment i always reply to all of them! Subscribe if you enjoyed it it and if you have a thumb give it a thumbs up, if not just bash it with your nose or something. Huge shout out to Adventure Club for letting me use their awesome music, go check out their soundcloud so many amazing songs with free downloads! Check out their facebok too; Songs used; Alexisonfire – to a friend (Adventure club remix) Lullabies – Yuna (Adventure Club Remix) Peace!

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5 Responses to “Battlefield 3 How to unlock and use crossbows and bolts”

  1. OctohoofTV says:

    Yeah usually is, but its been up for 12 hours i think i must have made an error in the rendering, i’ll fix for next time 😀

  2. OctohoofTV says:

    No worries, not sure why its not very good quality i’ll make sure its much better next time! :)

  3. OctohoofTV says:

    Thanks mate will be making more next week with some gameplay montages when im done with uni work 😀 Stay tuned!:) Subscribe if you enjoyed it then you will get a notification when i upload ;D

  4. Xesper24 says:

    Nice video

  5. Xesper24 says:

    And the quality is always bad right when its uploaded

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