DayZ – Close combat m107

My first DayZ video. I log in a random server to check the airfield out because I logged out there the day before. In this video a little bit of action, a little bit of talking and Captain Obvious also says hi. Enjoy and please leave constructive feedback if possible! I stream all sorts of games on , mostly DayZ or Diablo 3. I hope to see you there aswell :) ! ———————————————————————————————————– terran zerg protoss starcraft tutorial cast blizzard PC gameplay PvP PvT PvZ ZvP ZvT ZvZ TvP TvT TvZ league live build order II game player cam analysis pro high level korean caster english 1v1 2v2 grubby teamgrubby followgrubby grandmasters masters team minecraft wow world of warcraft craft mine server private lol “World Of Warcraft” “Blizzard Entertainment” video “Mist of Pandaria beta” “Mist of Pandara gameplay” “diablo 3 beta” “diablo 3” DayZ Solo squad veteran pro

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