D&D DM Tips 7: Monster Formations

As a DM, our goal is always to find ways to “spice up” our battles. So this video has 5 different formations to use during a battle, using different monster roles. Feel free to leave a video response with any of your own formations (for 3e or 4e). See my other videos for more monster formations: (Coming soon) ________________________________________________________________ Like My Facebook Page For No Reason:

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5 Responses to “D&D DM Tips 7: Monster Formations”

  1. Jacobazariah says:

    I want to use these tactics in pathfinder! I’m thinking of buying a 4ed monster manual just so as I know what type of monster is what…

  2. d20critsj00 says:

    use the formation i call “scramble.” you grab a bunch of minis and throw them on the battlemat.

    its amusing. and it makes me crave eggs.

  3. NaturalTwentyFilms says:

    Maybe I will make a formations video. For example, the “cork-stopped squiggle fist of doom plus pudding!” Yes, I shall do this!

  4. ShadowXao says:

    Hey Player’s DM, is there a way to open annotated links into a new window? If there is not would you mind also posting any links in the comments of the video so I don’t have to lose the current video page when i want to see another video you are pointing to?
    PS. I swear I will make another video! I am lazy!

  5. DandDPuzzleOfTheWeek says:

    I changed all of the annotations to open in a new window :)
    And I dont think you ever will make a video >:(

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