D&D/Pathfinder Puzzle of the Week 16

Puzzle of the Week #16: Puzzles like this are a DM’s best friend. Very flexible: can be put into any situation from inside a cave guarding treasure, to outside of the assassin”s guild. You can always have this puzzle in your back pocket, and use it in case you need to improv a scenario. DM Hint: Well I mentioned this in the video, but using a scrabble site will help you with a list of possible words that you could use for this puzzle. Here’s the one I used: Check out TableTopGuild’s brand new channel: ______________________________________________________________ New Facebook Page:

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3 Responses to “D&D/Pathfinder Puzzle of the Week 16”

  1. d20critsj00 says:

    as i said before, this is perfect for a cyberpunk/shadow run type game.

    keypads and all that.

  2. NaturalTwentyFilms says:

    Yes, that could be used for any number of scenarios and the source of the clue could be any number of things. Once again, awesome puzzle!

  3. DandDPuzzleOfTheWeek says:

    It’s the reason I chose this puzzle for 2nd place! And thanks for the props!

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