Disable Nagle’s Algorithm – lower your gaming latency/ping

If you’d rather just read the instructions, you can find them on my blog link below. This isn’t the first video showing this technique, but I was quite bored one day and after watching a few of the other videos I came to the conclusion we all needed a bit more entertainment. Most tech videos that I watch have someone trying too hard to sound super geeky and professional with perfect enunciation. Either that or they typically are poor quality, so I had fun with it and this was the result… I hope you enjoy. No, I don’t really talk with this accent, or swear this much (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I think I was reliving some of my youth in an attempt to vaguely mimic the Jerky Boys character “Frank Rizzo.” Definitely in an odd mood when I created this. :) These are instructions on how to disable Nagle’s Algorithm to cut your gaming latency (ping) essentially in half. Your results may very, but this is a very well proven method. Please note that disabling this algorithm will only effect games that utilize TCP packets, not UDP. This was done on Windows 7 (64-bit), but also applies to 32-bit Windows 7, along with XP and Vista. This is a “repost.” I originally had it uploaded with copyrighted music in the background, so I put a royalty free song in the background instead and put a bit more information in the description this time around. Please like and share if you found this helpful, or just simply enjoyed it. Post any questions in the comment section and I’ll …

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  1. Mark janse says:

    lol nice video i did this but im on a windows 7 64 bit do i not need to do it at QWORD 64bit then?

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