Elemental shaman 5.1 pvp tutorial/guide+ give away

special thanks to keely and daramactire sorry for saying um so much

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5 Responses to “Elemental shaman 5.1 pvp tutorial/guide+ give away”

  1. Zagrash says:

    Hey Roarrage, thank you for the Guide… i saw a Video of the One Shot Makro but im from Germany and i couldnt understand how to do that :P. Can you explain me for short, how to do it? How can you cast 1 Eruption, but cast 3 things? Thanks for your answer!

  2. WorrentGaming says:

    great video and Holy giveaways batman! lol and yeah i saw that naga hex in wraith red in the store. its a pretty niiice!! good luck to everyone participating :)

  3. SlashNod says:

    I came to the conclusion that you robbed a gaming store before I saw the shout out at the end. Keep up the good work, you beast (y)

  4. christopher redmond says:

    Good job on the tutorial. You deserve more Subs. Keep up the good work.

  5. mattd971 says:

    did you pay for it?

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