Enchanting Kit Farming

Guide on how to use your tailor/enchanter to make thousands of gold easily. Personal Enchanting guide you can use yourself down below if you can’t get every from wow professions 1-2 1xruned copper rod 2-50 48xbracer-minor health Learn journeyman 50-90 55xbracer-minor health 90-100 10xbracer-minor stamina 100-110 10xgreater magic wand Go to Stonetalon Mountains go to Ashenvale and find Dalria. After you found the NPC buy these two recipes: [Enchant Bracer – Lesser Strength] – [Enchant Cloak: Minor Agility] 110-135 25xcloak-minor agility ——————————– 134 strange dust/1 lesser magic/10 greater magic/25 lesser astral/ 10 simplewood from vendor ——————————– Learn expert enchanting 135-155 20xbracer-lesser stamina 155-185 40xbracer-lesser strength 165-185 20xbracer-spirit(if needed) 185-220 40xbracer-strength Learn astrisan 220-225 5xcloak-greater defense 225-230 5xgloves-agility 230-235 5xboots-stamina 235-240 5xchest-superior health 240-250 10xboots lesser accuracy 250-255 5xbracer-greater strength 255-260 5xweapon-greater striking 260-270 10xbracer-greater intellect (buy enchant-shield from Mythrin’dir in Darnassus) 270-300 40xshield-greater stamina ——————————– 120 soul dust/20 lesser mystic/155 vision dust/10 large radiant shards/ 15 greater nether/15 lesser nether/30 lesser eternal/200 dream dust ——————————– Learn Master enchanting 300-305 5xbracers-lesser assault 30 arcane 305-330 30xbracers …

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