Fury warrior Pve dps Guide 5.0.4 Basic Rotation and Explanation

Hello guys my name is Drelix i play on kazzak eu, i play a warrior in the guild inviction which has down 8/8 hc at 15% nerf, Mop just hit and i am here to teach you the basics of Mop, let’s get startet. first of all here is a list of what i will be going through Stats – Rotation – talents – glyphs – execute – normal – cooldown – addons Stats Crit Strength Hit: 12-13% / Expertise 7% Mastery Haste The list of stats is also the priority Rotation BT – WS(Bloodsurge) – Raging blow(On CS) Off GCD’s Heroic leap prefered on CS, Use HS as a rage dump Talents Your Choice Glyphs Your Choice Execute phase Use Execute to dump rage and stack rage up for colossus smash – do the normal rotation Rotation phase Follow the priority list at the rotation section, remember to keep enrage up on CS debuffs Cooldown Recklessness – use as many times as possible or at execute phase Deadly calm – use on cooldown DR – Use to fill slots between CS or Free Globals Shatter – 20% less armor for the target use as a raid CD for burst Addons Elvui Tellmewhen Skada Omen BT – Bloodthirst WS – Wild Strike CS – Colossus smash HS – Heroic strike DR – Dragon’s Roar

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