Gladiator Resto Druid 3v3 [2400] [5.1]

A mini-movie compilation of some recent 3v3 games. [all games were played at 2200+] WoW Armory: Stream: First song: Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Remix) Second song: Alexisonfire – To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix) Software used: Adobe After Effects CS5 Sony Vegas Pro Adobe Photoshop CS5 Comment, like and subscribe to help the channel grow!

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5 Responses to “Gladiator Resto Druid 3v3 [2400] [5.1]”

  1. ShrineNI says:

    3) You should be aiming to cyclone dps allot at the start of games to help your team gain momentum. When you go for a kill on the dps then its good to clone the healer at some point, however given the current patch its often good to have the healer as the kill target, like you see in the video we tried to kill both shaman and pala, in the game against the paladin healer we waited to get a fear on the pala in a bad position then i cyclone the warlock to stop his cc while my team kill the paladin.

  2. ShrineNI says:

    1) When you’re in tree form you want to be spamming regrowth until your partners are topped, after that you can stack blooms on both players, this will give you a higher chance to proc omen of clarity and get even more free regrowths.

    2) I don’t always use heart of the wild. Heart of the wild is good against most comps you will face, but for against heavy cleave comps like tsg where they tunnel and blow cds at the same time, its good to use natures vigil for burst healing.

  3. chrissyy15 says:

    i did enjoy it tho :) but some bad games 😛 trying to learn how to play feral atm got it t2 but only just switched cuz of the sham nerf :(

  4. Reganned says:

    Never in mi lyf av i evr sn sch gd ply frm a drid

  5. ShrineNI says:

    As long as you liked it that’s the main thing.

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