Grand Empress Shek’zeer 10m normal – strategy guide – tips and tricks Tank PoV with Narration

the dedicated raid leader’s resource, brings you the Amber Shaper Un’Sok 10m normal guide. Also covering tips and tricks for the rest of us by a regularly geared team showing you a regular first and messy kill. If you have tips tricks/ corrections, please add them to the comments below. The more information we have, the better! a raid leading resource http (Tue/Thur/Sun 8pm EST) UI & its settings are now downloadable at Curse: [used with permission] Intro / outro music by Velocity Engine: All graphics were taken as screenshots, game footage is my own, and any additional artwork is solely my creation or MS Clip-art. Please oh please YouTube just let me go with this copyright nonsense. IT’S ALL MINE DAMN IT!!! :)

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4 Responses to “Grand Empress Shek’zeer 10m normal – strategy guide – tips and tricks Tank PoV with Narration”

  1. Frontallobe Mal'ganis says:

    Exactly my man. I needed two killed but I had additional outside help from the DPS to live.

  2. Lastwolf says:

    I found I could survive, the small adds, as long as the dps killed at least 3 adds before all my cd’s were gone, after half of them are dead tanking them is pretty easy.

    We had a disc priest throw pain suppression on me, when I was out, that gave them a good 30 seconds odd of me not dying, I topped dps easily during this portion and the threat was a non-issue.

    The hardest part is not getting gibbed before I can get ShoTR up, that Blinding light trick will help I’ll use that next time.

  3. xHEKLERx says:

    one tip i can add is that you can stack up on phase 3, only people who need to get out are the ones that get the debuff that causes the aoe damage and fear. this can be dispelled, and should be before they fear themselves off into the closet to Narnia. otherwise i agree and this made all the difference, split the adds, came into this strat after 20 pulls, and finished it in 3 w/ splitting the adds. helps reduce a lot of the tank damage and healer mana issues.

  4. Frontallobe Mal'ganis says:

    Excellent tip. Thanks!

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