Halo 4 Jumps and Tricks – Sprint Jump – Gameplay Commentary MLG – Abandon

Hey Guys! Just found some sick new jumps and shortcuts that I call “Sprint Jumps” I think there going to become quite popular in Halo 4. I’m gonna see if I can find anymore on Abandon and other maps so please check back! Subscribe, like, and comment!

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2 Responses to “Halo 4 Jumps and Tricks – Sprint Jump – Gameplay Commentary MLG – Abandon”

  1. sparktite says:

    Awesome spots. Subscribed. Cant wait to see more, ppl never share these details that are constantly overlooked but can save your ass and be of great use… If you havent already… theres a ton of neat lil shortcuts on haven where you can jump up or across many areas with those sloped walls or what have you. Ive seen ppl use em, i use em, but never seen a video pointing them out. I just got a capture card so i could record the jumps and just upload the raw video for you to edit if u want.

  2. Halo4Commentary says:

    Oh dude that would be awesome! I’ve been working on a Haven video but I could take a look at your video and see if you know some jumps that I don’t. Thanks man!

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