Hitman Absolution – Walkthrough Ep.2 – The King of Chinatown (Silent Assassin Ranking)

The second contract of the game and rolling right along, I find the most awesome way to kill the dude without being seen and completing it in around 4 minutes. Hope you enjoy, doubles the World Avg Score! Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com Sound Effects by audiomicro.com

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4 Responses to “Hitman Absolution – Walkthrough Ep.2 – The King of Chinatown (Silent Assassin Ranking)”

  1. regardingmarley says:

    haha, now this loser went through and threw one on all my videos, well hey at least i can give a loser like that something to do with their time 😉 #dontworrybehappy

  2. WarrMen39 says:

    Well haters gotta hate, anyways love your videos keep it up

  3. regardingmarley says:

    hahaha, not even up long enough to be watched completely and already a dislike? gotta love the haters :-p

  4. YTChannelZero says:

    1 dislike is from the someone who read the about to stick a thumb up….

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