How to Get in Brawler’s Guild

tip on how to easily get into the bralers guild and showing some the first fights music by killigrewmusic – life ft. veela used with permission from artist

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4 Responses to “How to Get in Brawler’s Guild”

  1. WarriorPaxo says:

    wow thanks alot dude!

  2. TheVicBang says:

    Thanks for the heads up mate, you deserve more views. But im a massive fan!! Keep it up bud.

  3. WarriorPaxo says:

    i thought the same thing and has the same problem…. you will see it in a future vid where i show rank 3 fights… but what you wanna do is stand there and burst him hard with everything you got in the start before too many oozes spawn. when you get down to about 50% he should be about 20-25% dbs and rally keep bursting. when rally falls off or you start to get too low kite then with thunderclap ticking on him go shield and def stance to gain health back easier with second wind

  4. LemmeFTW says:

    Hey Paxo, nice vid, but i am a rank 3 warrior and i am stuck on blat, i know i have to kite but i just cant kill him in the time limit, any tips?

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