How To: Weak Auras

Click 5:13 to skip my rambling. This is a video tutorial on creating intelligent “Weak Auras” notifications. I use a “no poisons” notification as a template, but this method can be used for any type of status or characteristic. Weak Auras: Project Manager: Mirrormn

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2 Responses to “How To: Weak Auras”

  1. OneNarutoBleachPiece says:

    What addon is your UI?

  2. NRGiiiiiCSS says:

    If you had time, I think loads of people would apreaciate if you could do a walk through on how to set up comergy properly, since for most people after following your steps, comergy still shows with a neon green back ground for some unknown reason what so ever, and not showing chi. Otherwise really been enjoying these videos/ how to you’ve done.

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