Iceywinds PVE Arcane Mage Tutorial 5.1 (Mist of Pandaria)

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5 Responses to “Iceywinds PVE Arcane Mage Tutorial 5.1 (Mist of Pandaria)”

  1. Icey Winds says:

    You should use darkmoon card, and light of the cosmos unless you get the regular essence of terror 😀

  2. masterash17 says:

    What addons do you use as an arcane mage, specifically the one in the middle with living bomb and stacks of arcane blast.

  3. Icey Winds says:

    If you have both use them both. The best in slot trinket is Light of the cosmos followed by essence of terror. the only other trinket that would be better than a lfr essence of terror is the darkmoon card. hope that helps.

  4. Icey Winds says:

    the addon in the middle is arcanometer. 😀

  5. kyle s says:

    yeah i have all 3, not sure which two to use though xD right now i have darkmoon card and essence equipped

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