Is WoW even worth playing anymore?

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5 Responses to “Is WoW even worth playing anymore?”

  1. mistromills says:

    Know wat you mean at this point it’s not even worth pvping ima go pve until ahitngetsnfixed

  2. themanz89 says:

    You should cheer up mate, and do what every other “not-so-good” class do atm; Pair up with a hunter, warrior or mage and blow shit up! xD It is sad but understandable to see players get discouraged to play their class just because its a little weaker then the rest. Take it like a man! See it as a challenge! I play a feral, and coming from cata where I was godlike and into MoP where I die as soon as someone look at me sure is frustrating. But don’t let shit break ya brah! GL HF in the future

  3. Kriegerpvp says:

    Mate, i totally hear you, dk’s are pretty squishy atm! I dont think CC is an issue for you guys, you used warrior as an example of a very strong class, which they are, but they dont have cc, they have consistent damage WITH good defensives, thats why they are stronger. I think dk’s will be a perfectly balanced class with a substantial defense buff, IBF on shorter cd, AMS with shorter cd, and a deathstrike buff [for example] But i agree man wow is taxing when u cant play the class u love :(

  4. ChromeKB24 says:

    Solution: Play a warrior or a mage.

  5. mistromills says:

    Shit gets fixed*

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