Lords & Knights Big Fight UK3 Gameplay 4 vs. 1

This is me in the game game Lords And Knights on the Iphone fighting against 4 players from the 2nd place alliance The Dark Knights on the UK3 Server. I made my own alliance to plug my youtube page and 4 players decided to try and take over my castle. This is the results and battle reports from the fight. I did nothing to provoke the attacks. Enjoy

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2 Responses to “Lords & Knights Big Fight UK3 Gameplay 4 vs. 1”

  1. Kaponez says:

    I forgot to add widowmaker 1413 points, ranked 107 was fourth Dark Knight involved

  2. Kaponez says:

    Kapone (Me) (1176 Points, Rank 167 Overall)


    Hasdrubal (2843 Points, Rank 3 Overall)
    Widowmaker (1413 Points, Rank 107 Overall)
    Hostage (1103 Points, Rank 207 Overall)
    Hellbound (1070 Points, Rank 221 Overall)

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