Minecraft: Raiding A Rich Donator Base With DIAMONDS AND ENCHANTED GEAR!

We got tp’ed into a rich donar’s base 😀 It was an awesome raid 😛 Servers I play on, play.hcraid.com My ign is cody_small or ZenNoah And no I am not staff TT The teamspeak3 ip! ts.hcraid.com Thanks! Ignore these. Avengeuiwill Avenge Avenguiwill minecraft raid raiding loot griefing pvp Minecraft Five 5 Popular Minecrafters Minecraft YouTubers Funny Epic Amazing Parody CraftedMovie AntVenom Yogscast BlueXephos ItsJerryAndHarry Vareide Kuledud3 Newbies Woah Forgot Sethbling Yogscast FVDisco EthosLab LOL Fail Crap HD Quality Video CawkavFilms Cawkav Killing Saving Cows Salted Venom awesome porn boobs 4chan my little pony friendship is magic pvp player vs player hcraid hc raid hardcore raid hunger games awesome funny hilarious diamonds rich

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4 Responses to “Minecraft: Raiding A Rich Donator Base With DIAMONDS AND ENCHANTED GEAR!”

  1. DeeCanPvp says:

    awesome -dee

  2. 13snq says:

    Thanks ;D

  3. 408haz says:

    Awesome man

  4. Marvel Maxim says:

    i wasnt invited apong :'( – marvelousmaxim

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