Monster Formations (Part 2) Build Interesting Encounters

This is my second “formations” video. Using these formations will make for interesting encounters. Especially observing how your players tackle them. If you’d like to submit a formation, just send me a message on YouTube :) Of course I’ll give you credit if I use your idea. See my other videos for more monster formations: Part 1: ________________________________________________________________ Like My Facebook Page For No Reason:

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3 Responses to “Monster Formations (Part 2) Build Interesting Encounters”

  1. NaturalTwentyFilms says:


  2. NaturalTwentyFilms says:

    Love the wall with a controller. I’d make the wall double thick with two ranks and have the second rank jabbing in with spears or halberds or something. Fun!

  3. DandDPuzzleOfTheWeek says:

    Ohhhh I like! Might have to steal that 😉

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