MoP Paladin Tanking Changes Explained, The Correct Stat Priority!

I know i repeat myself in the video a lot, i just want to drill the importance and stat priority into your brain :) Had some lame encounters with inexperienced players who didn’t know the important changes to paladins and raged over gear that is extremely bad for them.

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5 Responses to “MoP Paladin Tanking Changes Explained, The Correct Stat Priority!”

  1. MrCptunderpants1 says:

    I miss playing my prot pally:(

  2. Roadstomper12 says:

    Could you possibly try and balance out mastery and haste to get a better or equal benefit then if you were heavily stacking one of the two?

  3. fenikzart says:

    It’s possible, the problem with that though is you would never get the full benefit from one of them which outways stacking both equally. For inexperienced tanks i would go mastery, once you get the hang of that you can always switch to haste later on down the line.

  4. MrCptunderpants1 says:

    Hell ya man,freaking blizzard,i played the prot as my main since WOTLK,i play my hunter now,waitin for the nxt patch,hopefully making mm and protection mor liable.

  5. fenikzart says:

    I guess you stopped due to blizzards stupidity on gear changes? 😛

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