Most Popular RPG Class Ever: Winner

Well this is it. Eight classes came in, only one comes out. Over 300+ votes were cast. Round 1: Druid Eliminated Round 2: Ranger Eliminated Round 3: Barbarian Eliminated?!?! Round 4: Fighter Eliminated Round 5: Paladin Eliminated Round 6: Cleric Eliminated Round 7: Wizard Eliminated Rogue is the champion! Like my page because I’m cool:

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5 Responses to “Most Popular RPG Class Ever: Winner”

  1. d20critsj00 says:

    pff. rouge. 

  2. NaturalTwentyFilms says:

    A worthy champion!

  3. thespiritcoyote says:

    The Druid is still coolest!

  4. TreeRaper says:

    How did the cleric lose to the rogue? He has full plate and 9 levels of spells? BLADE BARRIER! HEAL! ANIMATE DEAD AT LEVEL 3! Ugh.

  5. thespiritcoyote says:

    I iz no surprises!

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