New Gaming Set Up + World of Warcraft Fraps test

PC Spec: 16GB DDR3 RAM AMD fx-6100 six core 3.8GHz ATI Radeon HD 6670 2GB Graphics card Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 Mother Board Vibox Envy case Razer Goliathus gaming mouse pad control edition Advent keyboard (don’t know make or model) Labtec mouse (Razer Naga on it’s way!)

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5 Responses to “New Gaming Set Up + World of Warcraft Fraps test”

  1. Maciek PIotrowski says:

    is this pc fast enough ? like have you played games like battlefield 3 ?

  2. ecselGaming says:

    Ahah not good, I would not recommend buying win 8 with the PC you can buy it for cheaper from the Microsoft website :) or if you have your own OS its all good :p

  3. EndermanStudios says:

    The envy is actually the one im planning on getting, just couldnt find anyone playing wow on the system, thanks for answering just really need a new system mine is slowly dying stuck on 11fps in starting areas on all low settings

  4. ecselGaming says:

    Hi Enderman I am running WoW on ultra settings here. although that was really a stress test and the fps did dip a bit in the video but take away the recording factor the game is absolutely perfect in ultra along side the 6 core processor i play you tube videos, Facebook, twitter and i am on Wow Head allot too. you can go to the eBay UK site and type in “Vibox Envy” and that’s the same rig as i have now, and it comes with 1 year warranty so if you have any problems you can just send it back. :p

  5. ecselGaming says:

    Hey Maciek I have not played battlefield 3 yet, but i have played WoW at around 100fps and higher, dead island at about 75fps and higher also skyrim on max settings at around 45-50fps so its a pretty powerful rig :)

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