Protectors of the Endless Elite 10m normal – guide – tips and tricks Tank PoV with Narration

the dedicated raid leader’s resource, brings you theProtectors of the Endless Elite 10m normal guide in the Terrace of the Endless Spring. Also covering tips and tricks for the rest of us by a regularly geared team showing you a regular first and messy kill. If you have tips tricks/ corrections, please add them to the comments below. The more information we have, the better! a raid leading resource http (Tue/Thur/Sun 8pm EST) UI & its settings are now downloadable at Curse: Copyright Information ===================== Velocity Engine gave permission to Frontallobe to use their music in any video produced on (it’s my band for the love of god YouTube!) Music by Velocity Engine see – Song: First Time by Velocity Engine All graphics used with permission from Microsoft. Video game footage used with permission from Blizzard Entertainment. Any custom graphics were made by myself in Macromedia Fireworks

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5 Responses to “Protectors of the Endless Elite 10m normal – guide – tips and tricks Tank PoV with Narration”

  1. xHEKLERx says:

    i know we two tanked it, but wasn’t to reduce stacking damage from corrupted ground thing. it was just to ease the healing needed to heal the one tank getting beat down. lol

    we pushed him up further against the wall. really only tip i can think of to add to the video. obviously dispel the heal from water bitch to lightning bitch. blahblahblah

    so far we did, water/lightning/protector, and lightning/water/protector and the first two mechancally are so easy that doesn’t even really matter.

  2. xHEKLERx says:

    yea we just kinda split them up. i guess if we can one tank this…we might try that next week. lol

  3. ihazcookies88 says:

    try 2 tanks 2 healers –> way way easier

  4. Frontallobe Mal'ganis says:

    I didn’t really take damage though… you two tanked it to split the 3 at the beginning?

  5. xHEKLERx says:

    it’s pretty much all about placement and moving the last guy around and burning him down. i can’t even imagine how easy normal mode is. ….

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