Shit Sticks – Cat Mario Playthrough ep 8 the Final Level /w Draegast

Hey guys sorry for the huge delay between vids I’ve been away from my home. Anyways dry your tears cause I’m back with more rage. Leave a Like to show your support, you’re awesome and don’t you forget it :) Music: Antoine Lavenant | Street Fighter (Dubstep remix) Any background music compliments from

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5 Responses to “Shit Sticks – Cat Mario Playthrough ep 8 the Final Level /w Draegast”

  1. draegast says:

    ty kind sir

  2. bludozeris says:

    Shit sticks, ladies and gentlemen.

  3. draegast says:

    tree fiddy

  4. ArcmageZaln says:

    well, at lest now you have the blue flag, way to go

  5. Ace Jin says:

    (╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ʎppıɟ ǝǝɹʇ

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