Skippi- 200+ Subscriber Montage, TY and Welcome! (WoW + Forge Gameplay)

Get Gungho 50% off/Free Shipping: Gungho Giveaway: Follow Me: (To follow my Video Updates!) WOW! 200+ Subscribers? I remember when my goal was to hit 100.. Thank you to all of you who came over from the Dara Mactire channel to support me :) Welcome to my channel! So this is going to be a “200” Subsciber Mini-Montage. I really like making montages, its fun to just put clips together. Let me know if you guys really watch my videos for that reason! Ill be sure to post more, and I know I need to post another tutorial soon. I should make more.. But really, you guys are amazing, I received so many awesome comments and people even started to msg me asking to make me graphics for my youtube! Thanks again so much guys 😀 Music by Approaching Nirvana Song: Subliminal Message Continuous Mix Buy the song on iTunes:

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5 Responses to “Skippi- 200+ Subscriber Montage, TY and Welcome! (WoW + Forge Gameplay)”

  1. SkippiMMO says:

    Guys also please follow my twitter..going to make a note of it in my next video but since the new youtube its hard to see when my channel uploads videos. My youtube is connected to my Twitter so it’s really easy to see when I upload a video :) LINK IN DESCRIPTION!!! 😀

  2. SkippiMMO says:

    HOLEY!! Miss you too dude <3

  3. SkippiMMO says:

    Thanks man 😀 I think it was my camera, oh well tho :D!

  4. SkippiMMO says:

    Awesome! :)

  5. Devkar98 says:

    HELL YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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