Stahp it Ghostcrawler!

stahp ghostcrawler…. staaaaaaahp LINKS N STUFF LIVESTREAM : FACEBOOK : GUILD :

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5 Responses to “Stahp it Ghostcrawler!”

  1. MynxSa says:

    I have only one suggestion: just zoom in camera a little bit :) Distance that you use in your latest videos is too far from character, and sometimes i have trouble to see whats happening in combat.Cheers.

  2. crittobobby says:


  3. SebbaFresh says:

    Kill 4 Hordes in Orgrimmar with the red/green Christmas gear on! They must be over level 85.

  4. ScreamPvP says:

    The mobility got nerfed aswell, wich is a huge disadvantage, especially as rogue, because we’re really squishy. And the burst isn’t really “insane”. it does some damage, but that’s why it’s called “burst”. and the fact that many other classes do constantly almost as much damage as rogues do when they burst isn’t really… fair i guess..

  5. r00tdude says:

    Give me your ui! 😀

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