Tera Online: Warrior Class 101

This is a Basic Tutorial video of The Warrior Class In Tera Online. Sorry for the Long video, but there was so much infomation on this class. if this video is sucessful I’ll work on making the next one abit more shorter. Special thanks to: Clef Method insturments: clefmethod.com & Linkin Park: linkinpark.com

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3 Responses to “Tera Online: Warrior Class 101”

  1. segar1234 says:

    Game dying, thats a joke. Nexus + Peak hours = My PC in pain. No theres enough population to keep the game going. Thats with the coming/going, The 3 servers were ment to fix the players moving to one server that cant handle the population surge.
    makes it cheeper to run the game on. As for choosing to comeback, thats your choice my only advice is to check the patch notes and see if the changes are to your liking.
    Comment back if you need anything. -Good luck =)

  2. CoskunMusic says:

    I’ve been considering returning to the game after having not played it since release, I had a level 26 slayer. However I am hearing the game is dying and there is only 3 servers at the moment. What do you think?

  3. segar1234 says:

    I hope you the viewers enjoy this video and the prototype style that was put in. And also
    the Truckload of information on abilities crystals and etc that is packed into it.
    Yes, I know its more than 35 mins but to be honest. Thats a hell load of Information
    and abilities that the current level 52 warrior has along with specialzation and
    Ready to use glyphs. IF this video does get as much views as I hope for, I will make another
    and shorten it where possible. Thank you.

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