Thelamera – Argent Dawn EU [Wow machinima]

Thelamera is a character played in the dark corners of Argent Dawn EU. I’ve hade the privilege to have known Thelamera for over 2 years now, and I have always discussed with her that I could make a video for the guild or her character. That was first when I actually got sony vegas and started experimenting with machinima. But I never wanted to make a video of a character that’s not mine terrible, so finally the last 3 months I’ve felt abit more comfortable. Hope you all enjoy and subscribe and like for more machinimas from me :) Zack Hemsey – End of an era

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5 Responses to “Thelamera – Argent Dawn EU [Wow machinima]”

  1. Kyoko Akashiya says:

    Epic. Just. So. Epic.

    Though I thought it might have a bit more action :(

    Still amazing however! :3 Keep up the good work!

  2. DarroweveStudios says:

    That’s intense 😮 glad you liked it 😀

  3. Mats-Hugo Lind says:

    After seeing this, i dont want to kill myself anymore.

  4. DarroweveStudios says:

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :) *brofist*

  5. DarroweveStudios says:

    Yeah action.. I had it more planned, but I got frustrated in this one too and lost abit of the organization. Though during this machinima I enjoyed watching tutorials and learned new tricks (which I didn’t apply to this one due it would be weird). :)

    Though glad you like it. Will probably be more action the later ones I make. :)

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