Thyraz – Noob Genocide – Ganking Is Hilarious – Cross Realm Zones FTW

Hey dear fans/subscribers! Want to support me by playing online poker? It’s really funny once you get into it 😀 Register on the well known poker site called Redbet by clicking the link below. My friend Stefan is a professional poker player, and i will be releasing videos in which he tells YOU how to make online-poker a stable living with a payment higher than most jobs. ___________________________________________________ So yeah i was just running around levling my battle pet (yeah i was that bored) and realised world pvp is back! 😀

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5 Responses to “Thyraz – Noob Genocide – Ganking Is Hilarious – Cross Realm Zones FTW”

  1. Weeklycap says:

    But your own, one and only video with 7 views that you filmed with your cellphone camera on your screen, is not?

    Sorry to disapoint you but as long as i have more thumbs up than thumbs down i will not remove the video as it clearly show more people think this is funny.

  2. Weeklycap says:

    Will start uploading arena matches frequently next season but for now i will not go for any serious ratings etc.

  3. Weeklycap says:

    Just search for trololo remix


  4. IsYourSystemSlipknot says:

    omg this vid is so shit

  5. IsYourSystemSlipknot says:

    children -,-

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