Top 5 Anime For D&D Players

—–PS All of these shows have been dubbed in to English—– Top 5 Anime every Dungeons and Dragons player should watch. All of these shows have a fantasy/swords&magic/RPG theme. Some of my reasoning: #5 – great for DMs especially. Will give you great idea for different settings and environments. #4 – my longest running campaign was based of of this show. Very good plot. #3 – great for Players especially. Many of the characters in this show are D&D “classes”, and can give you idea for character themes, builds, etc #2 – most popular “sword&magic” show of all time. Nuff said. #1 – newest show on this list. The plot to this show sounds just like a D&D campaign. Again all of the character are D&D classes (fighter, cleric, wizard, etc). So what are your thoughts? Any shows you think should be on this list? Wanna make your own list?! Leave comments and video responses! _____________________________________________________________ And of course, there’s always Facebook:

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5 Responses to “Top 5 Anime For D&D Players”

  1. DandDPuzzleOfTheWeek says:

    I will! The art looks amazing.

  2. Keyframe Brovarone says:

    It’s so hard to hear someone else say “Slayers”. It makes me feel old….
    A good anime to watch, while it is in French, is Wakfu. Very good characters, excellent storytelling, and exceptionally well done animation for flash.

  3. LughOnG says:

    I’ll watch =)

    Check out Sword Art Online too.

  4. rickyirishman says:

    for me the only ones i can think of that left out would be tower of god and weirdly for me sword art online plus fairy tail if you really stretch.

  5. DandDPuzzleOfTheWeek says:

    I’ll definitely be checking it out ^_^

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