Vigil vs. Lord Marrowgar – 25 Heroic – 1080p

Vigil vs. Lord Marrowgar – 25 Player (Heroic) – 1080p First kill. Don’t ask about my UI.

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5 Responses to “Vigil vs. Lord Marrowgar – 25 Heroic – 1080p”

  1. psychooo2009 says:

    LEArn to dps the ppl on bone spike insted of runing around after boss

  2. mihail0s says:

    I want your UI :(

  3. dana e. says:

    that was pretty useful thank you. has anyone seen this new bot at wowcheatsYnet (replace Y with . ) ? its incredibly awesome, ive got a level 80 rogue, mage and druid with more or less full pvp equipment because of it!

  4. Cardenius says:

    Awesome! For those that still want the name of the song,its “God Shaped Hole” from “Probspot” .

  5. PeckaNecka says:

    Indeed, slack on bones.

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