Warcraft 3 – 391

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5 Responses to “Warcraft 3 – 391”

  1. Klurike says:

    Try one-of-each-unit army. How does that sound?

  2. peternummer14 says:

    I was missing those sorcs for slow alongisde AOE :( otherwise a fun game to watch!

  3. viktorl111 says:

    How to get past a very tight and compact place, penetrate… Have you learnt nothing?

  4. mathugnigga says:

    RT 4v4 400 soon? No pressure there.

  5. Kolt461 says:

    Next time you go undead go mass banshees with master rank and obsidian statues,nothing looks better than the enemy team being killed by their own men XD

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