Warlock Guide – How to DPS on Will of the Emperor – Evrelia

This is a point of view guide where I talk to you guys about how to top the meters on Will of the Emperor, Normal or Heroic, 10 or 25.

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4 Responses to “Warlock Guide – How to DPS on Will of the Emperor – Evrelia”

  1. jupiterdreamer says:

    why use the doomguard during execute phase instead of gas phase on normal.

  2. evreliagaming says:

    SB:SS every Rage, yep. Get shards back from them as they die.

  3. Radinv00 says:

    Great video as always. A question: What If we’re not doing RoF tactic on 25 Normal? Shoul I put corr/agony on every Rage?

  4. NotGoingCrazy says:

    can i haz helpz on quest?

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