World Of Warcraft – Pandaren Monk – Ep. 14 – Level 47-49

Hello everyone! This is the series where we explore the beautiful World of Warcraft! I’m leveling up a pandaren monk to prepare for all the adventures this game brings to us! Hope you enjoy:) Music by Kevin McLeod: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Support me with a little donation: TGN-Website

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4 Responses to “World Of Warcraft – Pandaren Monk – Ep. 14 – Level 47-49”

  1. aleksej12345678emile says:

    love this series!

  2. RedstoneNightmare says:

    Make sure that you have chosen the correct settings in the movies tab. You can choose the framerate and everything. As far as the quality goes, fraps will always record the size of your screen. So if you’re recording it on a square screen, the video will be square and exactly the size of your screen (except you have record in half size chosen). Hope this helps, otherwise you need to be a bit more specific on what you have set in your fraps.

  3. TaylorAndGaming says:

    Nathan can you help ne when I record with fraps its an AVI file and allso its a bad resulitution because it crops out most the video and its black got any ideas

  4. RedstoneNightmare says:

    Thank you:)

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