World of Warcraft Swifty Rbg Tutorial wow (gameplay/commentary)

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24 Responses to “World of Warcraft Swifty Rbg Tutorial wow (gameplay/commentary)”

  1. tentenner says:

    swifty you are very inspreing and i would love that mouse thx

  2. TehSqueakySniper says:

    YOUR NOT GEAR CAPPED ON YOUR DRUID D: he says this all the time but he’s not! He doesn’t have the Season 11 elite armour, just weapon. Just bugs me

  3. mark1cSES says:

    All of the niggers are beasts

  4. menisain says:

    Yes… Landslide…

  5. fred817x says:

    Thanks swifty! 😀

  6. mariaogthomas says:

    the reason is i like swifty is his not making his videos for playing smart no he doing it for his fan and his an awesome warrior but not ekstream he is doing everything people wanna have Keep it swifty ur the man of the game!!

  7. Miguel99white says:

    Swifty , Change Race to worgen ? You can change to human when your not fighting cause it seems you love humans :p and it gives you a extra +1% critic chance , also sharp your weapons (might be a noob advise cause i bet you already do that with BS )

  8. stefanos mavromatis says:

    man i think none of those who do these comment have gaming mouse and all these things, ive lost arenas cause of mouse…….

  9. Warroxify says:

    I need some stuff mine is broken héhé :p

  10. dier444 says:

    u rock swiffty i rely need a gaming mouse i cant afoord one plz help

  11. TedKrimmer says:

    how do i found out my CR?

  12. JofaWins says:

    Swiftyy is the Best guy!! 😀 thanks dude for everything!

  13. TitoPai says:

    then he losses 1 dps trink, and that will be a big nerf…

  14. Miguel99white says:

    he loses 1 dps trinket ? what …

  15. OnlyOneShone says:

    What server u play? Orginal WoW ? 4.3.0 ? 😀 I have rogue 85 level heroic deggers thare 😀

  16. Wriedge says:

    SWIFTY come play on cho’gall :Dthe server is 99.99% horde u should try horde for a change!

  17. AprendiendoBeatBox says:

    Im From Southamerica for us is almost imposible to buy something razer, I WANT TO WIN :)

  18. ImmortalVeteranPro says:

    you have 0 clue what you are talking about haha. he has landslide already why would he sharpen his weapon? and yes, he loses a dps trinket because humans have a racial that frees you from cc, which means he can use 2 dps trinkets while every1 else has 1

  19. Lvl90Tuskarr says:

    lol 3:40 people spamming swifty

  20. Miguel99white says:

    Thats right, sorry Mr Pro gamer -.-

  21. ImmortalVeteranPro says:

    if you are noob why do you talk shit you have no clue what your talkin about then haha

  22. Miguel99white says:

    What a idiot sample of people Rofl , Go wank yourself dumbfuck

  23. ImmortalVeteranPro says:

    YOU talked about shit you didnt know about whos the idiot hahahah

  24. Beastmode4142 says:

    Your the best swifty. Been watching your videos for a while now and they are very informative. Keep it up and do more vids with baj. You guys crack me up

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