[WoW 5.0.4] Affliction Warlock – WeakAuras Tutorial

This tutorial video is NOT JUST for Affliction Warlocks. It is based around Auras that are useful for a Warlock however, the auras are useful for just about every other class out there, just with different abilities! Addon available at: Index: 00:00 – Demonstration of the Auras we are going to create! 08:45 – WeakAura Creation Tutorial Mistakes: First mistake i made was with Haunt! At 20:20 i duplicated Corruption to make the Haunt Aura, what i should have done BEFORE creating the second trigger is change the “Aura Name” from “Corruption” to “Haunt”. If you have Annotations on i have put one over where the mistake is! Second mistake was i completely forgot to demonstrate how to create the Drain Soul Aura! If you have seen the tutorial you should now be familiar with how to create the Auras, so if you pause the video at 08:20 you will see the “Trigger” code for how to create the Drain Soul Aura! Hope this video was useful!

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6 Responses to “[WoW 5.0.4] Affliction Warlock – WeakAuras Tutorial”

  1. Noctover says:

    Anytime 😀 glad it helped :).

  2. VainEldritch says:

    Once again, my thanks for this – calm, polite and very well explained. You sir, are a credit to the WoW player base.

  3. Noctover says:

    Thanks again mate :D.

  4. Addonex6666 says:

    Great video. Thank you.

  5. franklydicksen says:

    Thank you heaps. My damage has gone through the roof now that my dots are up on the enemy 100%

  6. MarkGamingTV says:

    Nice :)

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