WoW 5.1 Frost Death Knight Talents, Glyphs, Gems, and Macros Guide!

Hey guys I finished with making my guide for frost death knights, I go over the talents, glyphs, gems and macros that I use.. most of these are based on opinion. I hope you guys enjoy! I apologize for my voice I have a cold and when I starting doing the commentary my voice started to fail me. Leave a like and comment if you enjoyed, It really helps ^.^ Help my channel grow by subscribing! Thanks!

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4 Responses to “WoW 5.1 Frost Death Knight Talents, Glyphs, Gems, and Macros Guide!”

  1. Yamatovids says:

    yeah, this is a very crude guide lol.. I tried to get as much information in one vid as possible.. I hope it helped though.. pillar of frost shouldn’t prevent movement.. unless you have the glyph but with the glyph it removes all impairing effects and control loss so it become your third pvp trinket lol =] but I prefer without the glyph.

  2. jperez0102 says:

    WOW (pun) Good video bro. I will definetly be watching this video a couple a times to stick this stuff to my head. While you were saying what gems to have, I was buying them on my phone with the wow app. Thanks and Ill keep watching.

  3. wowffdp says:

    i hate how pillar of frost prevents movement but thanks, and i would really hate to face you in a bg or something

  4. Yamatovids says:

    Thank man, really appreciate the comment, I am happy to hear that it helped =]

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