WoW Frost DK Duels! Lvl 90!

Hey guys! This is a vid all about duels, I wanted to get into some 1v1, I got a bit tired of BG’s so I tried something new =] I hope you guys enjoy. Leave a like and comment if you enjoyed ^.^ Help my channel grow by subscribing! Thanks!

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5 Responses to “WoW Frost DK Duels! Lvl 90!”

  1. 123MrChris123 says:

    @wowffdp Frost DK is easy i play it myself… trust me just learn the rotation and u’ll enjoy it as heck. Btw what kind of macros are you askimg for to be spesific?

  2. DaRandomGamersFtw says:


  3. Steelx17 says:

    sorry bro but u need to duel good people not that kind of noob omg the lock not portal, he didnt kite you lol try to find good people to duel for more challenge btw nice try

  4. thebestofenergy says:

    nice vid, but try to duel some pro 😉

  5. Revered Ryan says:

    @Steelx17 i dont think the video was him showing off by killing everyone. it was him showing his skills as a dk

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