WoW Rogue PvP! DOUBLE Rogue Arena! Patch 5.1

Hello! In this video you’ll see me and a awesome rogue play 2v2, we didn’t have skype or anything so our chain CCs and switches wasn’t that great. But It was fun playing! We have insane burst, but if they can counter it It’s done. I hope you enjoy! Music: UrpleActus – Marina

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4 Responses to “WoW Rogue PvP! DOUBLE Rogue Arena! Patch 5.1”

  1. Roguesaxophone57 says:

    that arena with the priest and mage was funny. Shuriken killing blow on the priest and worked down the mage with them too.

  2. Ole Harlem says:

    very nice vid! is it possible to add your bt ? :)

  3. Invicious24 says:

    Awesome Wooper! Great to see you play with a zylopfian! :)

  4. ThaHolms says:

    Nice vid man!! Keep up the good work.

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