WoW Rogue PvP! World PvP & Duels! MoP Lvl 90

Hey guys! Haven’t done a video for a while.. I’ve been very busy :/ But I’ll try to make more video, but what do you want to see? Duels, World PvP, Crit Montages, Arena? I hope you enjoy! Music: MitiS – Endeavors

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5 Responses to “WoW Rogue PvP! World PvP & Duels! MoP Lvl 90”

  1. adam19991000 says:


  2. iTautraa says:

    how can you do so much dmg???

  3. Rogue0602 says:

    dude this vid is awesome u beat a war in sub! :O props

  4. pietime123123 says:

    With all of the buffs/debuffs we require now; SnD, Recup, Rupture, plus the fact that rogue’s have poor mobility right now meaning you will find it hard to generate CP due to not having shuriken toss or all the insta cc, I doubt you’ll ever get 10 CP lined up like that. For PvP IMO shuriken toss is just to useful and I think nessecary in the current state of the game.

  5. Blackomega95265 says:

    Keep up the good work 😀 I enjoy watching even though i just recently quit

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