WoW Talk 5.1 Solo Raiding attempts, Darkmoon, Sha and Tillers

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria (mop) – focusing on some of the 5.1 changes to raiding solo, pets, Darkmoon changes, the new dailies hub and Tillers stuff… and a Sha run also Please remember to subscribe me @ ——————————————– ——————————————– ++++ PLEASE OBSERVE MY COMMENT RULES! ++++ 1) No swearing or vulgarity (no abbreviations or foreign words either) Penalty – automatically blocked! 2) Negative Comments – let’s try and be helpful and not spiteful either to the commentator or our fellow commentors IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE ——————————————– ——————————————– + Having problems in game? a good site to check out is ————————— Mods I use ————————— Bartender 4 (adjusting the ui / action bars) Recount (dps counter) Bagnon (bag looks) Titan Panel (top bar with map coordinates and more) GatherMate 2 (mining and herb nodes on the minimap) CrapAway (remove grey items automatically) EasyMail (easier to take all items from the mail) Auctionator (auction tool) tags wow “world of warcraft cataclysm” world warcraft mop “mists of pandaria” mmorpg dungeon tutorial tips help quest “solo dungeon farming” “gold farm” disenchant howto “how to” “video game” commentary gold farm farming build talents guide reputation faction horde alliance

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5 Responses to “WoW Talk 5.1 Solo Raiding attempts, Darkmoon, Sha and Tillers”

  1. MaddRabbitx says:

    I might… I post my failures though also. not sure how much people want to see the failures but if there’s a demand I will post some more attempts.

  2. chernandezsol says:

    I solo those with a lvl 90 shaman by the way, and right now my gear is rather bad (ilvl 440 maybe). I’m farming valor points to improve my gear and try some harder raids but dailies in pandaria are not helping, there’s just so many people doing. I personally waste a lot of time just waiting for things to respawn and try to get to then before the other 10 to 20 people who are doing the same hehe.

  3. DoctorDoomMD says:

    yeah, make a series of this…. raid solo attempts

  4. MaddRabbitx says:

    I’ve seen videos of people getting by Blackwing’s first boss without glitching it now in 5.1 so I know it’s possible but still super hard… I’ve done about 15 tries and no go yet. I might show my efforts in AQ temple when it resets tuesday, we’ll see.

  5. chernandezsol says:

    This solo raiding it’s quite interesting. So far I’ve succesfully completed molten core and the ruins of ah’quiraj without much effort, but got killed in the temple of ah’quiraj and in blackwing lair. The thing is, the first boss in the templ of ah’quiraj does this mind control thing and I loose control of my character and end up dying. Don’t know if it’s possible to solo it. And well, in black wing lair I didn’t know the thing with the eggs and just kept on dying. Might try again soon.

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