WoW Tutorial: Ubunti the Shade (Rare)

Hey guys! Just a quick tutorial on how to kill Ubunti the Shade for Bloodsoaked Invitations in Domination Point! This just shows me killing him and explaining the mechanics! Comment, like and subscribe for more!

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2 Responses to “WoW Tutorial: Ubunti the Shade (Rare)”

  1. steamAwesOmeS says:

    You sound like a kid and commendation does give 250 honor. The reason that you are getting 275 is: “Honorable Mention” from guild perks. It increases honor points gained by 5% at lvl 13 and 10% at 19. Please do your research.

  2. CH33ZYP3NGU1N says:

    a) Thanks for the information buddy! I didnt know that, again if you compare our two channels i think I can see who is better. Please don’t try and troll me, friend! :)

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