WoW:MoP 5.1: Druid Feral Cat PVP Tutorial – Part I [Addons/Macros/Rotation]

This is part one of a two part series of an overview of my World of Warcraft character Nickratos’ UI and Addons, and my Feral Cats PVP Macros, Talents/Glyphs, and Rotation for PVPing in the newest expansion and patch; Mist of Pandaria — Patch 5.1. If you enjoy Like, Share, Subscribe and tell your buddies. My Website with all the information: Dropbox link to download a .txt file with the Macro’s & Rotation: I said the macro’s and rotation would be in the description but when I put them I couldn’t save because the description had “too many characters.” Music—— 1st Song: They Found Us – By: Machinima 2nd Song: End of Mankind – By: Machinima 3rd Song: Cognitive Dissonance By: Kevin MacLeod 4th Song: Harmful or Fatal By: Kevin MacLeod Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( Music courtesy of (for more information refer to *I TAKE NOT CREDIT FOR THE BADASS BACKGROUND MUSIC* DISCLAIMER — By far is any of this information “right,” or will make “you” a better, more skilled player. This is just was works for me, Nickratos, on my Feral Cat while I PVP. Use this as a building block, not something to solely use to game with, build upon what I have given here to modify it for your specific game play, as I have done for me.

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2 Responses to “WoW:MoP 5.1: Druid Feral Cat PVP Tutorial – Part I [Addons/Macros/Rotation]”

  1. ph3yd says:

    More volume, Your audio is REALLY low. Just letting you know

  2. NewWorldOrphan9 says:

    Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated. When I got my next vid here in a few ill make sure to pump the volume up. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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