Zinx – King of Enhancement

Hey guys, So in this video I attempted going 2h with my shaman.. And the overall results are CRAZY, check out some of these crits and you can see for yourself if it is viable or not. **Just remember, if you do go 2h, I recommend making a macro that when you use your ascendance make sure to equip the 2h with in the macro, but then after the macro finishes go back to you’re 1 hander’s. the attack speed with a 2h is very slow.** Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy. Leave a like and comment if you enjoyed ^.^ Help my channel grow by subscribing! Song: Feint – United We Stand

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5 Responses to “Zinx – King of Enhancement”

  1. Mustang009GT says:

    Nice vid… To bad my warrior keeps getting nerfed .

  2. Yamatovids says:

    Yeah, blizzard always nerfs warriors..

  3. RZworld1 says:

    Great video man ur one of the few that actually post enhancment pvp

  4. Yamatovids says:

    Thanks =] Yeah I really enjoy enhancement, with the right stats and gear the burst can get crazy.

  5. everynamealreadytake says:

    imo you should use two 1h spellpower weapons if your crits are spells anyway.

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